Indigenous Relations

Indigenous Relations

C&V recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with Aboriginal communities. We believe Indigenous communities are important partners and we look to involve Indigenous communities in business partnerships that are mutually beneficial and based on shared values. One of our primary goals is to maximize the amount of local and indigenous community participation in our operations.

Indigenous Policy Guidelines

In a testament to our commitment to Indigenous Peoples in Canada, C&V has adopted the following guidelines

  • C&V recognizes Indigenous rights, including the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people, embedded in Canada’s Constitution and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
  • C&V supports Indigenous communities in their path to sovereignty and economic inclusion, and shall positively contribute to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and communities
  • C&V respects and values traditional practices, decision-making processes, cultural activities and language of the Indigenous Peoples and communities
  • C&V wants to establish and maintain respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities

C&V Foundation and Indigenous Engagement

C&V has established a foundation which receives 5% of every dollar generated by C&V through units placed on Indigenous lands. The funds are distributed to Indigenous communities for skills development, training and education – resulting in more opportunity for jobs and better education opportunities. The federal government is matching each dollar distributed by C&V through this foundation; doubling the benefit to the Indigenous communities.

C&V, through its business activities and its foundation, participates and contributes to local Indigenous communities where we work. The four strategic pillars of our focus are

  • Education-Providing training and education opportunities to strengthen strengthening community capacity in leadership and governance
  • Employment-Focusing on providing opportunities for employment for Indigenous Peoples
  • Volunteering and engagement-Enhancing C&V’s engagement strategies and community
  • Business partnerships-Creating profit-sharing opportunities to Indigenous communities.


Our Indigenous partnerships are located across Western Canada and offer the full suite of our rental Solutions – non-catered well site offices and accommodations, non-catered camps, and construction units

Current Indigenous Partners

C&V has developed business relations with locally operated Indigenous communities and business. The focus of these relationships is to meet our economic, leadership and employment capacity building.

The Primco Dene Group and C&V Portable accommodations ltd partnership provides training and employment opportunities to help build and sustain Indigenous and First Nation’s individuals and communities in Cold Lake Region of Alberta.

Dean Janvier - Indigenous Relations

Dean A. Janvier has over 20 years of professional executive level experience in both the public and private sector including First Nations and Canadian politics, Indigenous policy, business, corporate relations and communications.

Dean served a full term as an elected Councillor for Cold Lake First Nation in 2016-2019 focusing on Public Works, Housing and Health. He raised over $7 Million in new project funding and spearheaded major advancements in Treaty rights, governance, accountability, business development and finance.

Between 1998 and 2009, Dean served in several key positions at the Assembly of First Nations including the Associate Chief of Staff. In the past 8 years, Dean has held key positions at the Cold Lake First Nation, including Economic Development Officer, Business Development Officer, Manager of Tri-Rez Energy, Director of Tri-Rez Grader, Director of Primco Dene Group of Companies, Director of Seven Lakes Oilfield Services, Band Administrator, and Councillor.

Dean has a 4-year B.A. Hon., graduating with Highest Honours, from Carleton University, Ottawa, with a double major in Political Science and English. Dean also has a Certificate in Communications from Grant MacEwan Community College.

In his spare time, Dean likes to enjoy spending time with his family and community or taking part in cultural activities, travel, sports, and the arts.